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Current Properties for Short Term Rental

Do you have an AirBnB? Do you need help managing your property? Let us manage it for you!

How efficiently you manage  your property is crucial to your profitability and your sanity. You don’t have time to deal with the worrying about who is cleaning my place, check-ins, key exchanges, or issues with tenants, but we do! Let us take the load of of you, and increase your profits too!  Our end to end cost for our concierge management is 20% of total bookings.

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*Reservation Management

*Cost Control (Fine tuning for best results)

*Customer Interactions (answering any questions related to property or stay)

*Inventory Control (Supplies and more)

*Guest/Guide Book design for your home

*Installation of electronic locks and security for your home! (We use the latest and greatest to help monitor your location.)

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We take pride in our work. Improving communities, one house at a time.